We love compost.

It is the quintessential example of the circle of life; even better than Disney’s The Lion King.

We want composting to be the default option for residential, commercial and farming organic waste streams.

This will divert resources from being wasted. We are working towards lowering the average organic trash in residential collections.

We believe composting is part of farming regeneratively and in harmony with nature.

While we market composting, we are actually marketing a pattern change.

Changing the patterns of fertilizing lawns with chemicals. Changing the patterns of farming practices that lead to soil erosion and compacted soils. 

Good compost is undervalued and that needs to change. Farming benefits from compost and grows more nutritious foods.

We believe

we can accelerate compost

by supporting the composting industry.

I am Tim and I am taking a turn at composting.

I am the founder of the Compost Marketing Agency and it’s exciting that you are here.

I have been self-employed since I was a teenager and played percussion shows all over Europe for brands like Volkswagen, FRANKE, and New Yorker.

In retrospect, I can say that in my hometown, Goslar, Germany, we had the luxury of a county wide organic trash collection system. When I was a little boy, I took this for granted.

Now I live with my family in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, where the majority of residents throw their organic waste in the trash, some compost themselves or use Rust Belt Riders. (Thanks RBR!)

Tim packs a creative punch
Tim has been in marketing for over 15 years

I have been in online marketing for twenty years.

And for 15 years I have worked as a freelance marketing operations manager.

With my digital marketing agency Lion Tiger Jaguar I’m supplying an outsourced marketing department.

I am connecting with business leaders and synchronizing with management on a weekly basis.

My clients say that I am a smart guy and execute quality marketing campaigns. They love my creative ideas and problem solving can-do attitude.

About 6 years ago I got into composting.

While getting into growing an annual vegetable garden, I had discovered that “everything starts with the soil.” (Holy microbes, it does.)

I started my first hot compost pile and was amazed what could happen to organic inputs within a few weeks. So, I added a deep litter system to my chicken coop, built hugel culture, and have literally moved tons of wood chips by hand. (Around 250 yards.)

I also keep empty buckets in my driveway for neighbors to drop off scraps and have collected well over 15,000lbs this way.

Tim loves wood chips.
Tim likes to observe soil microbes and show the to children.

4 years ago I started to raise a herd of worms.

They make a fantastic addition to every chicken run and are so quick with digesting food wastes.

One thing led to another and soon I began raising awareness on vermicomposting in Cleveland. Worm Workers is now the go-to resource for locally raised composting worms in Cleveland.

This year I set out to supply 100 households with composting worms and held workshops on vermicomposting.

One year ago, I invested in a microscope to observe microbes in compost samples.

And got fascinated with what I discovered.

The microbes are an aspect of our world that is easily overlooked. They hold amazing potential and deserve loads of new research in the years to come.

I still have a lot to learn but it didn’t hold me back from sharing the knowledge with children.

Tim likes to observe soil microbes and show the to children.

Composting has brought lots of joy and meaning to my life.

I am thankful to say that now is the time to put all this together: I am building a global team of experts on marketing the compost industry.

Compost Marketing Agency