Managed Website

Showcase your brand with a professional website

Attract traffic, inform visitors and convert them into customers.

What customers are saying about us.

It’s easier than ever to build a simple website.

We don’t build  simple websites. Our website package is top-shelf material. We plan, design, and build websites like an orchard.

What can you expect from signing up with us?

  • A focus on your visitors and their user experience
  • Looks and works great on small and large screens
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Premium hosting (fast page loading speed)
  • Multiple layers of cyber security: backups, updates, 2FA, server firewall
  • A beautifully designed front-end
  • A clean URL structure
  • Signals are sent to search engines 
  • Optimized for local SEO
  • A clear path to resources and information
  • Call to action
  • A platform that gives you authority

Top rankings require top performance in every aspect of a website. 

⏱️ Users and search engines love faster loading sites.🚀

This package is for you if you want a high-quality website. We take care of all aspects, including the invisible ones, that make all the difference. 

Taking care means a lot these days: backups, updates, cyber security, page loading speed

Cleaning database tables, and maintaining a great user experience across devices.


Adding content every month makes all the difference 3 years from now.

Persistent effort compounds into a fertile website.

Our amendments make your website package more powerful and carefree for you.



Trust us to tell your story and you’ll never have to write another piece of content again.

We’ll diligently document your culture, trials, errors, and successes to connect you to your audience and establish brand authority. 

Copywriting is about so much more than crafting a website – it is to a website what the soil food web is to the soil, making it alive and productive. 

Media Room


Take your publicity to another level. 

Our partner network distributes press releases in over 30 nationwide news publications. Get real publicity and send strong signals to Google as part of your top-ranking strategy for competitive keywords.

  • Professional media room with monthly press releases
  • Copywriting
  • Add Public Relations added to your mix 
  • Blog publications that make a bigger impact

Managed Website

$179 – Hosting. Speed. Cyber Security. Backups. Maintenance. Updates.

$179  – Keyword research. Relevant topics. Building your content base.

$179  – Technical SEO. Local optimization. SCHEMA. Google Signaling.

$150  – Managed Local Citations.

Combined value: $687/month


Your packaged price: $497/month

You save: $190/month compared to the individual value.

+ free
A new website every 24 months.

Let’s write your story.

People are looking for relatable brands.

It’s your story that will drive them to sign-up, purchase, donate or buy into the idea.

As a composter, you’ve got what it takes to change the world for the better – you only need the platform to do it.

We’re here to help you build that platform. 

Our team of experts will walk alongside your team to create a wonderful website that converts. Strangers into customers.

Our websites are:

  • Creative 
  • Innovative
  • Functional
  • Hightech


    • The managed website package requires an initial 12-month minimum commitment
    • There is an easy cancellation process after the initial 12-month period with a thirty-day notice policy. 

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