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North Carolina Composting Council Case Study


Marketing a USCC State Chapter with the Compost Toolshed.

About North Carolina Composting Council

The North Carolina Composting Council (NCCC) is a volunteer-run organization that is devoted to the advancement, expansion, and advocacy of composting and the utilization of compost.

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North Carolina loves soil.

The NCCC’s efforts are grounded in the application of sound scientific research, the principles of sustainability, and the consideration of economic viability. 

We expanded on their campaign that emphasizes and rallys people around their common love for composting and healthy soil.

Cooperating with Compost Marketing Agency

We worked with the Marketing & Communications Committee and its chairwoman Kate Sullivan, an accomplished composting professional with many years of experience in the composting industry. 

Kate’s commitment to the industry extends beyond her professional responsibilities. She serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the NC Composting Council, actively contributing to its strategic direction and initiatives.

Kate Sullivan

The Campaign Objectives

Create compost content for social media channels

The NCCC recognized the need for external support in content creation and social media management. Their objective was to publish social media content consistently.

Their aim was to regularly engage their audience and communicate the importance and benefits of compost to end users.

Our Achievements

We produced and delivered a range of content tailored to the audience of the NCCC. 

From creating captivating content related to events, informative pieces, and targeted content for specific audience segments.

We have reused and upcycled existing video content. They had recorded some of their live events and we cut, edited and exported them as short-form content.

This involved crafting engaging captions, developing visually appealing graphics and videos, and strategically scheduling the content for publication. 

As a result of this proactive approach, the NCCC successfully amassed a substantial pile of scheduled content, spanning multiple months.

This enables the NCCC to effectively connect with their intended audience and provide updates to both existing and prospective members regarding upcoming events. 

Additionally, it served as an opportunity to educate their audience on topics such as soil and compost end use, fostering greater awareness and understanding among their followers.

Creating Content With Our Content Recycling Process.

Samples of our work for the NCCC.

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We will post updates on the NCCC Case Study as we continue to work with them.

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