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Marketing a USCC State Chapter with the Compost Toolshed.

About Ohio Organics Council

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The OHOC is the US Composting Council state chapter for Ohio.

The US Composting Council (USCC) exists to advance compost manufacturing, compost utilization, and organics recycling to benefit their members, society, and the environment.

The goals of the Ohio Organics Council are to influence legislation, train and educate industry professionals, facilitate dialogue for stakeholders and connect the composting industry in Ohio.

Cooperating with Compost Marketing Agency

Nathan Rutz is a certified Compost Operations Manager™ and an active member of the advocacy committee at Ohio Organics Council.

In this role he approached CMA with the goal of amplifying composting in Ohio.

Nathan Rutz is passionate about advancing the composting industry.

Nathan works as the Director of Soil at Rust Belt Riders and is responsible for compost and potting soil production, quality, packaging, and fulfillment in Cleveland/Akron, Ohio.

Nathan Rutz OHOC

Digital Marketing Campaign Objectives


Relaunch a website to represent organics recycling in Ohio

OHOC had an outdated website that was lacking functionality and wasn’t useful for the membership organization.

They decided to seek the help of Compost Marketing Agency.


Increase the membership.

We set a goal to reactivate and increase membership on all levels.


To create and execute digital marketing campaigns.

We are gearing campaigns towards multiple compost stakeholders. Uniting composters in the state chapter and raising awareness about composting towards legislators.


Increase their reach and find audiences.

OHOC noticed that their reach wasn’t what it could have been and decided to seek the help of Compost Marketing Agency.


Ohio Organics Council Website

Managed Website

The Ohio Organics Council was able to successfully set up a website using the Compost Toolshed, streamlining their website setup and making it easy for members to find the information they need upon arriving at the website.

You can visit it here:


Email Marketing

Email Marketing


Email marketing efforts are equally effective since email campaigns can easily be set up with auto-responders, drip campaigns, follow up, and newsletters.

The email campaigns can be integrated with their customer database as well.

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

Creating event notifications is easy since OHOC is capable of adding countdowns for significant events on their site, along with a streamlined way to add details about the event to their home page.

Event pages are fully functional, with the capability to add an event schedule, registration links, and event flyers directly to the page.

Content Creation and Social Media Management

Content Creation and Social Media Management

Compost Marketing Agency is creating content for OHOC, which is a surefire way to increase organic traffic to the site and pull in like minded individuals who would make great candidates for membership.

In streamlining the process, we are not only adding value to the current members and leadership of the organization, but we are drawing others to their mission.


We will post updates on the OHOC Case Study as we continue to work with them.

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